Afro Raiz

Afro Raiz


Rivers of Meeting (Cabelo Seco, Brazil)

The collectiv “AfroRaiz” from the project “Rivers of Meeting” in Cabelo Seco are young people that started as vulnerable children in the project without knowing where Africa was or what Amazonia is. Today they are artists, workshop leaders and cultural managers who are recognized within their community, city and region. The group wants to secure and to protect medical, economic, cultural and ecological care. For this they use a lot of different methods to overcome existing borders and to fulfil the potential of humankind. They offer workshops on music, dance, arts, theatre, literature, cooking, video and film production. Through the integration of all arts, the teenagers “use” their creativity and their knowledge to inspire other communities in the region to see the environment and themselves as a key to a sustainable future to work toward of good life for everyone. The young artists develop performances and organise workshops to keep memories and stories of the region alive and to de‐colonise the fantasy.

Rivers in the sky

Can dancing, percussion, dragons save the greatest technology in the world from extinction. This new dance-percussion‐ performance is based on 10 years of cultural activities of the young afro‐indigenous artists from the Brazilian community of Cabelo Seco. The performance dramatizes the lifeline between vivid memories of colonisation and slavery and the life plans of the people today. Seven powerful scenes end with a 15‐minute workshop and a dynamic public discussion led by the young artists.