Brave Kids in Märjamaa, Estonia

Brave Kids in Märjamaa, Estonia

19 July - 4 August

We kindly invite you to first edition of  Brave Kids Estonia.

Three groups: from Rivne, Ukraine, Warsaw, Poland and Märjamaa meet in a little, hospitble country town Märjamaa

Join us:

21 July at 15:00-18:00 - integration picnic
22 July at18:30 - groups prsentation, Märjamaa Community Center
2 August at 18:30 - Brave Kids Märjamaa Final Performance
3 August at 13:00-16:00 - farewell picnic and at 17:00 Brave Kids Parade

Märjama is a small town in Estonia, a country with a rich and diverse culture and famous for its celebration of song and dance. It has been recognized by UNESCO as
one of the Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. EstLike MTÜ was formed with a goal to organize activities that involve a variety of
performing and visual arts. We work on projects that let art transcend borders and stereotypes by creating opportunities for participants to meet, get to know each other
and share their experiences. We believe that Brave Kids provides a unique space for multicultural education. Our team consists of people who were previously involved in the project in various ways and after Brave Kids 2018 we made a joint decision to organize it together, for the first time in Estonia.

Gaili Ilisson - Chief Coordinator & Leaders Program Coordinator
Riina Lee-Enok - Project Coordinator
Jan Oliński - Project Assistant
Malika Murzagali - Support
Ilona Krawczyk - Artistic Instructor
Maria Vam - Artistic Instructor