Brave Kids Training

Brave Kids Training

Training on the Brave Kids model of artistic work with children and youth in frame of the Brave Kids Tbilisi Project.


Training on the Brave Kids model of artistic work with children and youth in frame of the Brave Kids Tbilisi Project in cooperation with

the International Folklore Festival ‘Rhythms of Fall’


When: 20 - 21 November 2019, from 12:00 to 16:00

Where: Concert Hall of the ‘Culture and Art Development Art-Folk’ Organization, Tsotne Dadiani #26, Tbilisi, Georgia  

Trainer: Dr Kamila Kamińska-Sztark  

Co-Organizer: Mamuka Gamisonia representing the ‘Culture and Art Development Art-Folk’ Organization

Participants: from 6 to 25 participants (educators, teachers, artists interested in the innovative work models with children); with the intermediate level of English.


Brave Kids Model of Work Training


Training for culture animators, artists and teachers based on the Brave Kids model of work - educational and artistic work with children and youth. The event will take place as part of the Brave Kids Tbilisi project. Based on the "Practical Brave Kids Manual" publication, during two-day intensive workshops, participants will learn about the model of work with young artists in accordance with the "kids  teach kids" principle. The Brave Kids work model is based on exercises activating participants’ individual potential and simulating them to take different roles (e.g. a leader). An important aspect of the training will be working on different ways of communication, including non-verbal, as well as paying attention to the role of art as a universal language and rituals in working with children.


The Brave Kids project and its unique model touch children and their communities from both here in Europe and all over the world, strengthening their belief in themselves and increasing intercultural understanding and friendship. Participants return to their home countries and share these gifts with their friends, families, and communities. By investing in the continued quality and integrity of the Brave Kids model, making it more accessible, and increasing the pool of those trained in it, we hope to multiply the potential impact of the project for children and their communities all around the world.

We invite you to our online manual of the Brave Kids Project model of work  - HERE



Photo: Mateusz Bral