Brave Kids 4 Earth - Spring

Brave Kids 4 Earth - Spring

Let's find time for important topics!

Join the "Brave Kids for Earth" project and gain knowledge and competence in the essential topics of the modern world: Climate Change, Children's Rights and Migration. We invite you to attend our discussion panels, webinars and take part in online workshops in May and June 2020.

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Culpeer4Change and Brave Kids

In 2018, at the invitation of our partners from Germany - the City of Cologne and the KinderKulturKarawane organization from Hamburg, the Brave Kids project joined the global "Culpeer4Change" project (2019-2021) co-financed under the European Union program - EuropeAID. Together with the public and non-governmental institutions from seven European countries (Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria and Austria) and two from the Global South (Tanzania and Bolivia), we try to share the knowledge and experience on the most important global challenges: Climate Change, Children's Rights and Migration.

Knowledge and competence regarding current challenges, but also adaptability to climate change and increasing migration are crucial for young people to consciously shape their reality and the future in which they will live. Today's youth and children are the first generation to experience climate change as well as the last generation able to prevent its effects. It is our responsibility as adults to support them in accessing knowledge that is an essential tool in dealing with these challenges.

By respecting the Rights of the Child, we strengthen young people in conscious and just shaping of the world, in cooperation, friendship and peace.

Implementation of the Idea of Socio-Ecological Transformation in Schools

Our Culpeer4change network, comprising fifteen municipalities, regions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland and Slovenia, as well as partners from Bolivia and Tanzania, aims to formalize "Sustainable Development Goals" in existing education systems in the municipalities and regions concerned. In our operation, we use 'cultural learning from each other' (CULPEER) and the exchange and cooperation of young artists from the 'Global South'. Cities and regions will also benefit from the creative exchange of schoolchildren. We want to increase the awareness of socio-ecological transformation by creating murals, performances and organizing conferences.

The spring edition of "Brave Kids for Earth" creates a space for exchanging expert experiences with teachers and educators, as well as the wide Brave Kids community. In parallel to the program of discussion panels and webinars, there will be a presentation and meeting of artistic groups of children and youth from Bolivia, Georgia, India, Iran, Poland and South Africa.















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to participate in the educational cycle of "Brave Kids for Earth" project events

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27.05 at 12:00 - Online Discussion Panel (in Polish)

“Children's Rights, Climate Change and Migration in Education. Why are they so important in the age of globalization?”

(Wiktoria Konwent, Magdalena Szymańska from Fundacja Go’n’Act, Arkadiusz Wierzba from Fundacja Ekorozwoju. Moderators: Iwona Frydryszak, Agnieszka Ćwieląg from Brave Kids)


29.05 at 12:00 - "Brave Kids Story" Film Presentation


02.06 at 12:00 - Presentation + Online Workshop (in Polish)

“Brave Kids - 10 years of unique experience of the Wrocław project. Workshop based on the "kids teach kids" model.” 

(Agnieszka Ćwieląg - Brave Kids Artistic Instructor)


04.06 at 12:00 - Webinar (in English)

“Together, we are building a better world - current challenges and work for the Kigamboni community in Tanzania” 

(Nassoro Mkwesso, President of the Kigamboni Community Center)


05.06 at 13:00 - Webinar (in Polish)

"City activities in the process of adaptation to climate change" 

(Vice Mayor of Wrocław Adam Zawada - Department of Sustainable Development)


09.06 at 12:00 - Webinar (in English)

“Peer Education for Global Goals. 20 years of Experience of the German Project KinderKulturKarawane” 

(Teresa Krohn, Manager of KinderKulturKarawane)


10.06 at 12:00 - Online Discussion Panel (in English)

“Brave Kids for Earth - young people and their role in climate and social transformation”

(Brave Kids for Earth Participants)


The event is part of the Brave Kids 2020 program financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the Municipality of Wrocław, as well as the Culpeer4Change project co-financed under the European Union program EuropeAID DEAR.











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