Brave Kids Community

Brave Kids Community

Let's Work Together!

The idea of Brave Kids - an educational and artistic project that has been developed for a decade, not only in Wrocław, but in many other Polish cities and abroad - is a MEETING. And although in Brave Kids the face-to-face meeting takes place only for a dozen or so days, it is enough to create a sense of global community that is spread all over the world.

The current situation, although it prevents us from implementing the Brave Kids project with the participation of children and youth from various countries of the world, it also allows us to take care of and strengthen the already existing hundreds of global connections. Ideas and proposals for joint actions emerged from numerous online conversations and meetings.

As always, it is a positive, joyful and optimistic break from today's difficult everyday life.

We present you some ideas for joint actions. Please vote for the three closest to you. When we jointly select #3 #BraveKidsCommunity Projects, we will go into action together with their leaders and founders.

Vote until 29/05/2020!

Let's be together!

1. Brave Kids green gardens

The idea of planting a tree, shrubs or what is possible and where possible - in the woods, in the park, in your own garden, on the balcony in pots or jars. The idea is to make it ever greener wherever Brave Kids exist and where the kids live.

2. Discovering nature

We invite you to create a series of videos discovering nature. Marysia is already doing this!

Below are links to the videos she created: 

Maybe it's a series called Brave Kids Nature Lovers? or Brave Kids on the trail of nature?

3. Zero waste workshops

Workshops promoting activities for sustainable development

4. Creation of the joint Brave Kids song

Compose and sing together from different parts of the world? Why not? Let's create a Brave Kids song together!

Who would like to write a text? And who would like to compose music?

5. Online cooking together

The fact that the Polish cucumber soup rarely tastes good for Brave Kids participants is an empirical fact. What if we invited you to various dishes that will enchant every taste?

6. Exchange of skills and online lessons

You can juggle and you know that this is a valuable skill, because it not only reduces the level of stress, it also levels the hemispheres in the brain. Teach others. Or maybe yoga, krakowiak or crocheting? Brave Kids Community has no limits!

7. Contact with Brave Kids group leaders

Your family is safe, but you are worried about the situation of children in other parts of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are they short of funds for food or are they unable to meet other basic needs, etc.? If this happens, perhaps as a Brave Kids Family community, could we organize a form of support together?

8. Brave Kids in the yard

We currently have limited meeting opportunities in workshop rooms. Maybe we can organize Brave Kids in the open air in our own backyard, and stage the final show around the backyard beater?

Are you in for the Brave Kids yard festival?

9. Brave Kids paper chase game / Brave Kids City game 

Who has recently played in the paper chase game? Let’s create the Brave Kids paper chase game together! Do you have ideas for tasks? Share with us!

10. 48 groups for the 10th anniversary of Brave Kids

Would you like to meet all the groups that have participated in the Brave Kids project so far? There were already 48 of them from the beginning of the project! Every week, we connect with one of these groups and present it to the wide Brave Kids community.

11. Brave Kids Challenge

On tick tock, facebook, youtube, twitter Brave Kids challenge !!! Do you like to rap? Create a Brave Kids song and pass the challenge to create another song to another Brave Kids participant!

12. The power of one gesture - a joint film by Brave Kids

Non-verbal communication in Brave Kids is very important. We all know how many words one simple gesture can replace. We will create a BK movie together, presenting the most important gestures from around the world.


The event is part of the Brave Kids 2020 program financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the Municipality of Wrocław