What about Brave Kids 2020?

What about Brave Kids 2020?

Join our events in May and June. We'd like to invite you to join us during the summer edition of Brave Kids.

At the beginning of 2020, we had extremely ambitious, but also exciting plans for the coming months. This year's activities were to be inaugurated by an important, thematic edition of "Brave Kids for Earth" with the participation of children and young people from 4 continents. They were invited to use the artistic means of expression to present the Sustainable Development Goals closest to them and their communities. The other planned activities invoved the June Brave Kids Reunion in Leszno, the July editions of Brave Kids in the North of Poland - for the second time in the Tricity and debuting in Wąbrzeźno.The traditional, two-stage edition of Brave Kids with the Grand Final Performance at the Polish Theatre in Wrocław was planned for the end of August and beginning of September. We planned it with The Local Złotnicki Activity Centre in Wrocław, as well as subsequent editions with partners in Rzeszów (for the 3rd time) and Wałbrzych (for the 6th time). The second stage of the project was to take place in Oborniki Śląskie for the fifth time. In September we were planning to move to Zaragoza for the first edition of Brave Kids in Spain, and in October we wanted to invite children and young children (from many countries including Tanzania and Ethiopia) to participate in the inclusive Brave Kids Together project. In November, for the fifth time Brave Kids was to take place in Georgia, and in December for the first time in India in New Delhi.

In March, none of us probably could predict that our lives - regardless of where in the world we live - would turn upside down. Our plans have been and are constantly being verified. New great ideas, willingness to act and the need to be together have arisen, despite the lack of face-to-face meetings.

New initiatives appear in our social media, which is why we are in a rush to emphasize what important has already happened, what we are doing right now and what we dream about.

Brave Kids is a local Wrocław project with a global reach. Thanks to the 10-year history of our project, we have a very wide network of contacts and international partners, which is why we learn firsthand from Brave Kids participants and their leaders what the COVID-19 pandemic looks like in their countries. It is also within the Brave Kids Community - participants, organizers from various cities in Poland as well as instructors and artistic instructors and Host Families - that we have developed an action plan for the upcoming months. Partnerships in frame of the Culpeer4Change project with partners from 8 countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Tanzania and Bolivia) and the CE+ project on the 'Development of Cultural Educators in the Digital Age from 6 European Countries' (Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary) are extremely valuable for us. By participating in regular meetings of coordinators and experienced NGO managers and public administration employees, we have the opportunity to share good practices and modify our activities ensuring their continuity, efficiency and legitimacy.

Brave Kids activities in the upcoming months:

1) Brave Kids for Earth as part of Culpeer4Change. We invite you to broaden your knowledge and competences on important topics of the modern world: climate change, children's rights and migration. From 27 May to 10 June you will be able to take part in an online educational cycle addressed to teachers, educators, parents, youth and anyone who finds time on important topics! Parallel to the program of discussion panels and webinars, there will be a presentation and meeting of artistic groups of children and youth from Bolivia, Georgia, India, Iran, Poland and South Africa.

2) Video Diaries. Together with the Film House in Gdynia and Brave Kids groups, we are preparing material documenting everyday life and the changes that have occurred in the lives of children and young people from different countries in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Video recordings created by the participants themselves will become the basis for a full-length documentary film.

3) Brave Kids Community - let's work together! It is a collection of ideas that have arisen in recent months to strengthen our sense of community. Voting for three projects that we will implement will continue until 29 May. 

4) Brave Kids Seminars are the meetings of Brave Kids participants during which they discuss important and current topics for them!

5) Culpeer4change working groups regarding, among others, activities in social media, preparation of e-learning tools for Sustainable Development Goals and new online peer meeting formats) and the CE + project. How do you find yourself now in the "jungle" of online activities?

6) Brave Kids Reunion online. Although the arrival of groups from India, Georgia, Romania and Kenya is not possible in June, the groups will have the opportunity to present themselves and meet other project participants through available online channels.

A very important element of our activities is preparation for conducting Brave Kids workshops with the online work model, both for artistic groups as well as individuals. We know how important such activities are. That's why together with Brave Kids instructors and partners from several cities: Leszno, Rzeszów, Przemyśl, Wąbrzeźno, Warsaw, Wałbrzych and Wrocław we will conduct classes in the form of a camp or a semi-camp in July and August 2020. An element of each series of workshops will be online exchanges between children and young people from Poland and the countries of the Global South (artistic groups that are part of the Culpeer4Change project). More details will be announced soon.

Although this currently remains a dream for the time being, we hope that we will be able to invite several Brave Kids groups to Poland! Children and young people in different parts of the world are already waiting for it with their exctiing artistic programs. For most of them it was supposed to be their first trip abroad. We do not lose hope, although our partner organizations in Germany have already decided to cancel all international events by the end of the year.

The year 2020 brings us many new solutions. It mobilizes to strengthen the global Brave Kids community, which is made up of thousands of people scattered around the world. They all know that Wrocław, where Brave Kids was founded, is a base that connects them all and is waiting to welcome them again.









The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture and the Municipality of Wrocław, as well as under the Culpeer4Change project co-financed under the European Union program EuropeAID DEAR.