Join as the artistic group

Join as the artistic group

We invite you to participate as the artists in the Brave Kids under the sky of Wroclaw'. 

“City of Wrocław as a stage for children” - this is the slogan of the 'Brave Kids under sky of Wroclaw' Festival, organized since last year. For this to happen, we are announcing recruitment for the artistic groups of children and youth from Wrocław and the surrounding area.

Since last year,  Brave Kids - the Wrocław-based project has changed its formula, adapting to the challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Workshops using the "kids teach kids" model of work were organized for young people permanently residing in Poland. The flagship final event - the Brave Kids Grand Final Show with the participation of the international group of artists was replaced by the 'Brave Kids under the sky of Wroclaw' Festival. In 2021, the organizers continue last year's ideas.

We invite you to an unique celebration of children and youth - the "Brave Kids under the sky of Wroclaw" festival. The two-day event (28-29/08/2021) will combine the idea of a festival of children's and youth artistic groups from Wrocław and Lower Silesia, as well as professional young artists invited from all over Poland.

We invite you to present yourself through dance, theater, music performances, exhibitions, concerts. Children and teenagers will share their sensitivity, dreams and cares on ten stages scattered throughout the city. Each stage, as well as the accompanying animations, will be looked after by the event partners - non-governmental organizations from Wrocław and neighborhood groups integrating the inhabitants of Wrocław on a daily basis. We have a year of pandemic behind us and the home of children and adolescents. A difficult year that is a challenge for everyone, especially for young people who have lost one of the peer contacts that determine their mental and physical health.

Similar to last year, we want to hand the city of Wrocław over to children and young people for two days. Ten scenes will be prepared for them - places where they will be able to perform and share their talents, interests and stories. This year's edition of 'Brave Kids under the sky of Wroclaw' will be held under the slogan:

“Let us give the floor to children and young people. We want to hear you''

The event will start on Saturday, the 28th of August 2021 at the 'Freedom; Square in Wrocław, where we will be able to participate in a great colorful happening, animated and conducted by the artistic groups for children and teenagers. On that day, the joy and energy of young people will move Wrocław.

On Sunday, the 29th of August 2021, the public will be invited to listen to and look at the voice of children and young people. Eight scenes scattered throughout the city will host dozens of young artists from Lower Silesia and all over Poland.  We will invite groups whose activities are based on ideas and inspirations coming from young people, their stories, experiences and their sensitivity. We want to hear again and get to know children and young people from Wrocław and Poland, and also, thanks to the surprise we prepare - from all over the world. Brave Kids under the sky of Wrocław is a-two-day festival of restoring children and young people's right to be… children again.

All planned events will be open-air and will be organized taking into account the guidelines of the GIS and the Ministry of Health.

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The project is co-funded by the Municipality of Wrocław.