BK in your city

BK in your city

Contact Making Seminar. Join us: 9th-11 th of July 2017

Do you want to organize Brave Kids in your city? 

Join our Brave Kids Contact Making Seminar, find out everything about organizing Brave Kids and meet fantastic people!

If you are interested fill out the form: https://goo.gl/forms/CYERqEW6qm0GAySC2

The Seminar is a meeting of organizations/institutions/individuals who are interested in organizing Brave Kids in their cities. 

During the Seminar you will find out how to organize Brave Kids, you will meet participants of Brave Kids 2017 (children and leaders) and you will see Brave Kids Grand Finale (10th of July).

Since 2010 Brave Kids has been organized in 10 Polish Cities Krośnice, Łódz, Oborniki Ślaskie, Przemyśl, Puszczykowo, Szczecin, Wałbrzych, Warsaw, Wrocław and Zagórze Śląskie. In 2016 Brave Kids went worldwide and took place also in Akhaltsikhe (Georgia) and Koscie (Slovakia). We would be more than happy to welcome new cities in joining our project!

For three days participants will meet, learn know-how of Brave Kids project, meet children from all over the world participating in the project, attend the Brave Kids Grand Finale and will find out how to join this exceptional project.

9th – 11 th of July 2017 (8th of July – arrival day; 12th of July – departure day)

Wrocław, Poland 

The organizer covers costs of the seminar. Participants cover costs of transport, accommodation and catering. We can recommend a range of options for accommodations from 50 PLN per person per night in a shared apartment with kitchen (http://www.leoapart.com/) to a very nice modern hotel for 230 PLN per person per night including breakfast (http://purohotel.pl/pl/wroclaw). We are also happy to arrange your booking for you. For meals, you should plan on a minimum of 50 PLN per day for lunch and dinner if you eat out (20 PLN for breakfast). There are many good restaurants and nearby grocery stores that we can recommend. 

Seminar will be conducted in English.


If you are interested fill out the form: https://goo.gl/forms/CYERqEW6qm0GAySC2