Brave Kids 10th edition

Brave Kids 10th edition

Wroclaw project - global reach

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Brave Kids is growing beautifully!
In 2009, during the pilot edition of Brave Kids in Wrocław, children from Nepal, Uganda and Wrocław met.
During the 9th edition in 2018, there were already 345 children from 51 artistic groups from 21 countries, and the project itself took place in Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Romania.

10 facts for the 10th anniversary of Brave Kids:

  • 1500 children have participated in the project so far
  • Over 180 artistic groups came to Poland
  • Over 50 groups participated in the record-breaking, 9th edition in 2018
  • 500 families hosted participants in their homes
  • 360 volunteers supported the project organizationally
  • 8,000 viewers watched Brave Kids artistic events
  • 1,800 viewers watched the Brave Kids 2018 Grand Finale - a record audience
  • 15 Polish cities hosted participants and project events: Białymstok, Krośnice, Leszno, Łódź, Oborniki Śląskie, Przemyśl, Puszczykowo, Radziejowice, Rzeszów, Siechnice, Szczecin, Wałbrzych, Warszawa, Wrocław, Zagórze Śląskie.
  • 5 cities abroad joined the Brave Kids program: Košice (Slovakia), Akhaltsikhe i Tbilisi (Georgia), Zhydachiv (Ukraine), Bukarest (Romania)
  • Over 10.5 thousand km - such distance to Poland, record-breaking in the scale of the project, participants from Indonesia had to overcome

This is one of the most powerful projects in the world today - says Grzegorz Bral, director and one of the originators of the Brave Kids project.

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