Artistic instructors

8th edition of Brave Kids in 2017The Brave Kids artistic workshops are run by a passionate and experienced group of pedagogues, performers, artists who, with great sensitivity, harness the elements of childlike creativity and embody it in the beautiful performances. Everyone here teaches the other person, exchanges skills in the atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

During 8th edition workshops will be led by: 
Director of the Grand Finale: Jacek Timingeriu
Artistic instructors: Instruktorzy artysytczni: Katarzyna Kapela, Gabriel Almagro, Marcin Misiura, Creo Kellab , Ilona Krawczyk, Kasia "Venka" Godlewska, Mateusz Godlewski, Ewa Hubar, Jolanta Sikorska, Magdalena Nykiel, Mary Sadowska, Nataša Cápová.
Scenography will be designed by Basia Szymczak with Maria Porzyc.
Light director: Wojciech Maniewski.

7th edition of Brave Kids in 2016During 7th edition workshops were led by: Tako Kelaptrishvili, Ilona Krawczyk, Kathy Lawson, Mary Sadowska, Kasia Timingeriu, Katarzyna Venka, Gabriel Almagro, Mateusz Mefo Godlewski, Macin Misiuro, Roman Sorger, Piotr Szewczyk. Jacek Timingeriu was a director of the Grand Finale. Scenography was prepared by Michalina Kostecka. 

Artistic instructors in 2016: