Group leader's program

What is a Group Leader?The Brave Kids Group Leaders partecipate to the project as kids' legal guardians and support, they travel and follow them through all the project. Each Leader has its own background in working with children. They are people who devoted their lives to pedagogy, working as teachers, instructors, facilitators and sometimes even parents. Often they work in environments that are esposed to social exclusion, among minors coming from the streets, from low income families or marginalized groups, or from orphanages, or they work in groups focused on incurage ethnical and cultural diversity.

Each of them has his own unique personality and professional experiences, with their own skills and peculiar tools in empowering and educate kids. They are also rapresentative of their own organizations, and they carry with themselves their personal stories and the stories of the kids they work with.

The Leaders' Program is a space thought especially for them. It takes place during the three weeks of the project, and it is a platform where our facilitators work with all the Leaders, thorough workshop and activities, to:

- encourage professional and cultural sharing

- provide leaders with all the tools to support their kids during the project

- create contacts and partnerships, exchange ideas, develop new strategies for Brave Kids project

- keep track of the quality of the project and discuss about how to continue to support kids in the future.