Cities of Brave Kids


WROCŁAW The Song of the Goat Theatre Association / Main Organizer of Brave Kids

The aim of the Song of the Goat Theatre Association is to conduct broadly defined cultural activities in the sphere of theatre and music, to provide education through art, and to promote and support other artists, creators, as well as communities whose traditions are at risk. The Association runs the Song of the Goat Theatre, and is the organizer of the Brave Festival - Against Cultural Exile as well as the Brave Together and Brave Kids projects.


Agata Kostrzewa-Mazurek – City & Volunteers Coordinator
Marta Kochanowska – Host Families Coordinator
Malika Murzagali – Leaders Program Coordinator
Iwona Frydryszak - Support
Arash Fattahi Marnani - Artistic Instructor
Mary Sadowska - Artistic Instructor
Tooka Shams, Oliwia Łukowska, Fabian Sulima - Brave Kids Assistants

GDAŃSK The Educational Cha(lle)nge Association was created in November 2016 with a mission to link people who are interested in education and truly love it. Above all, its aim is to create a community in which eye to eye meetings and authentic conversation are what matters the most. In order to achieve it, annually we organise open conferences dedicated to education with topics such as learning through experience, emotional development, social skills and positive relationships at school. Additionally, we also offer trainings, workshops and lectures. Thanks to a diverse and fully engaged team of experts, we have plenty of reasons to feel proud of the quality of our activities. The Brave Kids project is close to our values and ideas. Just as with Brave Kids, we eagerly share our experience and skills, we love to create, we are a team of open minded people and we enthusiastically break down borders and limits. All in all, our motto is: 'I am not just an observer of change. I am a cha(lle)nge maker!’


Aleksandra Mońko - City Coordinator
Weronika Figurska-Zięba - Host Families Coordinator
Aleksandra Musielak - Volunteers Coordinator
Marta Sokołowska-Mróz - Group Leaders Program Coordinator
Iwona Frydryszak - Support
Mary Sadowska - Artistic Instructor
Kacper Matuszewski - Artistic Instructor
Lakhan Pawar, Saghar Bagherpassandi, Maja Sawicka - Brave Kids Assistants


LESZNO The Kontakt Foundation was established by Małgorzata Pawlak in 2016 with the focus on Leszno’s community as well as children and seniors from agricultural areas around the town. Besides the artistic and educational activities, our main goal is to promote tolerance and respect towards different cultures and to prevent negative stereotypes. Brave Kids is ‘the most beautiful project in the world’. We appreciate that we can be part of this marvelous idea and we are happy that its magic can be shared within our community.Brave Kids is the quintessence of our dreams of the world itself, where everybody is equal, kind and friendly. This project teaches us to be strong – kids teach us humility and the great bravery to cope with life's difficulties. 


Małgorzata Pawlak – City Coordinator
Karolina Łączek – PR and Promotion Coordinator
Dorota Sacha – Host Families coordinator
Wanda Nawrocka – Leaders’ Program Coordinator
Beata Donaj – Volunteers Coordinator
Gabriel Almagro - Artistic Instructor
Mateusz Godlewski - Artistic Instructor
Creo Kellab - Artistic Instructor / Instruktor artystyczny 


OBORNIKI ŚLĄSKIE The second phase of the Brave Kids project, already for the fourth time, will take place in Oborniki Śląskie near Wrocław. Here, all the participants of Brave Kids (Leszno, Radziejowice, Rzeszów, Wrocław) will meet and creatively work together for a week in The Centre of Sport and Recreation and Oborniki Cultural Centre. The result will be a wonderful Grand Finale Show. Here also, the group from Nicaragua will join the Brave Kids groups. In this charming town, surrounded by forests more than 100 children and young artists from 15 countries and 4 continents will be hosted with the leaders of the groups, coordinators, organisers from Brave Kids Headquarters, volunteers and artistic instructors.


Iwona Frydryszak - Executive Producer
Michał Patyna - Logistics Manager
Jędrzej Wołk -  Camp Coordinator
Agnieszka Ćwieląg-  Group Leaders Program Facilitator
Justyna Warecka - Grand Finale Producer
Aleksandra Stachura - Volunteers Coordinator
Marta Kochanowicz - Workshop Venue Coordinator
Izabela Wołyniak - Health Coordinator
Malika Murzagali - Support
Kamila Kamińska-Sztark - Pedagogue
Serena Aznar, Tamar Kelaptishvili, Silvia Travasoni - EVS Volunteers
Kelly Papadopoulou - Erasmus+ Intern
Mary Sadowska - Leader of Brave Kids Artistic Instructors
Mateusz Mefo Godlewski - Choreographer of Grand Finale
Gabriel Almagro, Arash Fattahi Marnani, Jolanta Sikorska, Justyna Król, Kinga Maciejewska, Ashu Satvika Goyal, Creo Kellab -  Artistic Instructors


RADZIEJOWICE The Municipal Centre of Culture ‘Powozownia’ in Radziejowice supports creativity and is open to grass-roots initiatives in culture and education. ‘Powozownia’ is home to numerous creative painting, dancing, theatre and film groups as well as to the University of the Third Age. ‘Akademia Profil’ is active in local communities. Its aim is to promote education and culture, including the promotion of Polish culture abroad. Since its establishment in 2012 it has undertaken initiatives that contribute to intercultural dialogue. The common activity area for the two institutions are international projects that include artistic internships and residencies, scientific conferences and music festivals. 2019 is yet another year for Brave Kids in Radziejowice.


Magdalena Masewicz-Kierzkowska - City & Host Families Coordinator
Michalina Jarmuż -  PR and Promotion Coordinator
Paco Sarr - Leader of workshops for host families kids

Kamil Draniak  - Coordinator of volunteers
Agnieszka Ćwieląg - Support
Maciej Kierzkowski - Artistic Instructor
Jola Sikorska - Artistic Instructor
Maja Sawicka, Pasha Zandi - Brave Kids Assistants


RZESZÓW The association ‘In the Land of Sources’ was founded in 2018. One of its main aims is the promotion of culture in its broad meaning and the region of the Carpathians. The aim of all activities is to seek authenticity, i.e. symbolic sources. The members of the association, privately attached to the region of the Carpathians, believe that this area is very special, rich in many cultures and is famous for its hospitality. The association is organising Brave Kids for the first time. However, one of the members has also been a collaborator of the Song of the Goat Theatre Association, involved in the organisation of Brave Kids for many years, among others three editions in Wrocław and the first two editions in Warsaw. Furthermore, the Brave Kids Rzeszów team consists of persons involved in the organisation of the first Brave Kids edition in Rzeszów last year. We will make sure the participants of Brave Kids Rzeszów 2019 feel very welcome in our region this year!


Justyna Warecka - Chief Coordinator
Magdalena Panek-Magiera - Brave Kids Rzeszów Partner
Katarzyna Cholewa - Host Families Coordinator
Zuzanna Żelazo - Volunteers Coordinator
Leo Chung Chak Lau - Leaders Program Coordinator
Kinga Maciejewska - Artistic Instructor / Instruktorka artystyczna
Justyna Król - Artistic Instructor
Ashu Satvika Goyal - Artistic Instructor
Khushi - Brave Kids Assistant
Nitin Kumar, Arfan Tariq, Wai Wing Chan, Janis Khan - Volunteers

WAŁBRZYCH The main organiser of the Brave Kids Reunion in Wałbrzych is the EMU Foundation, initiated by Magdalena Sawicka, who got inspired by the Brave Kids project in 2012. Since then, this beautiful project is changing the world around into a more colorful and joyful place. Collaborators of the EMU Foundation are supporting people in need from different social and age groups, regardless of their background or religion. The Foundation which conducts activities related to multiculturalism and global education, also actively participates in socio-cultural activities in the Lower Silesia region. The Foundation is also a co-organizer of activities for children and adults with disabilities, including Brave Kids Together and Be Together (former Brave Together).

Events related to Brave Kids Reunion will take place primarily in Wałbrzych Cultural Center.


Magdalena Sawicka - City and Host Families Coordinator
Sylwia Sałamaj – Group Leaders Coordinator
Sebastian Stalka & Khalid Bentyeb – Group Leaders Assistants
Wiktoria Kisiel – Volunteers Coordinator
Jola Kowalczyk–Kokoszka – Leaders Program Coordinator
Kasia Francuziak - Host Families Kids Workshops Coordinator
Jacek Timingeriu - Leader of Brave Kids Reunion Artistic Instructors
Ewa Hubar - Artistic Instructor
Katarzyna (Venka) Godlewska -  Artistic Instructor
Ranjini Nair -  Artistic Instructor

WARSZAWA We had a pleasure to organise an event, titled Brave Kids Day in Wrsaw hosted by Białołęcki Ośrodek Kultury (Dom Sąsiedzki 3 Pokoje z Kuchnią).

ESTONIA, Märjamaa is a small town in Estonia, a country with a rich and diverse culture and famous for its celebration of song and dance. It has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. EstLike MTÜ was formed with a goal to organize activities that involve a variety of performing and visual arts. We work on projects that let art transcend borders and stereotypes by creating opportunities for participants to meet, get to know each other and share their experiences. We believe that Brave Kids provides a unique space for multicultural education.

Our team consists of people who were previously involved in the project in various ways and after Brave Kids 2018 we made a joint decision to organize it together, for the first time in Estonia.


Gaili Ilisson - Chief Coordinator & Leaders Program Coordinator
Riina Lee-Enok - Project Coordinator
Jan Oliński - Project Assistant
Malika Murzagali - Support
Ilona Krawczyk - Artistic Instructor
Maria Vam - Artistic Instructor

GEORGIA, Tbilisi Brave Kids in Georgia for the 4th time!

Brave Kids in Tbilisi is the result of the cooperation between the Song of the Goat Theatre Association, together with Caritas Georgia, and the International Folklore Festival Rhythms of Fall. We invited the European Association of Folklore Festivals (EAFF) to cooperate in organizing the Brave Kids project in Tbilisi in 2019. The Brave Kids performances are planned for November 2019 with the participation of three professional Polish artistic groups who will present Polish culture and traditions. Together with their Georgian friends, they will prepare a unique, interdisciplinary multicultural show that will be presented to the general public during the International Folklore Festival Rhythms of Fall. The importance of the project lies both in promotion of Polish culture abroad and celebration of the 100th anniversary of the initiation of diplomatic relations between Poland and Georgia. All the activities will take place in partnership with the Polish Institute in Tbilisi and will be co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund.

Nana Kukhalashvili - City Coordinator
Iwona Frydryszak - Executive producer
Agnieszka Ćwieląg – Artistic Instructor
Ilona Krawczyk – Artistic Instructor