Idea Brave Kids

Meetings of children from around the world.

Our mission and fundamental objective is to meet the artistic teams of children and youth from different parts of the world, for whom the practice of art is a form of work on their social situation.

We conduct workshops for children from poor families, the places affected by civil strife and armed groups as well as from highly developed countries that face problems and lifestyle diseases such as consumerism, depression and loneliness. These young artists use art as a tool to facilitate social change and helping to liberate themselves from destructive limitations.

By Brave Kids we also want to show the diversity of world culture, and thus promote an attitude of understanding and openness in relation to other people.

Dr Akong Tulku Rinpoche

There are people in the world who can move mountains. One of them was Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche - Tibetan lama, a physician, philanthropist. He is the founder of Brave Kids - from the beginning had custody of the shape of the project: he said what to improve, what to change, how to develop. It is thanks to him courageous kids meet in Poland. Rinpoche always said that meeting the children succeed, if we give them the opportunity to exchange skills, freedom of action without unnecessary restrictions adult world. From these main ideas come next - the attention given to the diversity of cultures and traditions, nurturing mother tongue, exchange of experience leaders ...

      What is Brave Kids?

  • The voice of the brave children.

We let them speak, and thus restore their dignity. Our efforts to help salvage what they believe, give them strength in their daily struggles.

  • Exchange of experiences.

Sharing culture rather than cultural divide. Children will work on joint representation, bringing in not a part of themselves and their culture. What is different is their driving force to find what unites them. Young artists will perform in the double role - will learn from others, and they give lessons.

  • Training effectiveness.

The Brave Kids will be attended by children of different material status. Their joint work, on an equal footing, can break the chain of poverty.

  • Equal opportunities.

Brave Kids is more than a seasonal event. We want to establish lasting cooperation with children's teams around the world and institutions dealing with youth at risk of social exclusion, to continue and develop in the future similar projects. We want to allow their leaders to exchange experiences in working with children, raising funds and to establish international partnerships.

  • Arts, which makes dialogue.

Children from remote corners of the world can meet and communicate in the most universal language - the language of art.

  • cultural animators

At the same time we are working with the staff working with children and youth. The exchange of experience and knowledge between the leaders of children's groups, local organizations dealing with education.

  • practicing hospitality

One of the most important elements of the program are local action aimed at the mobilization and education of Polish society. Invited kids are hosted by local families, who spend two weeks taking care of your guest, actually associating with the cultural differences and similarities, as well as actively participating in performances, appearances and actions of kids.