Caravan of Talent  KYRGYZSTAN

Caravan of Talent KYRGYZSTAN

The art restores children's dignity. Ermek Kadyrov - the leader of the group, one of the breakdance instructors of "Caravan of talent" - admits that during the thirteen years of working with children, he has learned to follow one rule: "If you want to change the world, start by changing the life of one person."

Dancing can be a way to heal the soul orphaned children. For many, it is in fact a means of communication, an instrument enabling self-expression, a means of constructing a positive relationship with the outside world. In November 2012, six orphanages in Bishkek and the surrounding area started the project "Caravan of talent," in which children learn to breakdance. Under the leadership of the famous Kyrgyz dancer Atai Omurzakova, the youngest for a moment can cut themselves off from the difficulties of the past and fear of an uncertain destiny. "When I dance, I forget about all my problems" - says Rahman, and Alexandr adds: "Dancing fills the void within my soul."