Breakdance Project  UGANDA

Breakdance Project UGANDA

Street Dance from the heart of Africa. The Leader of the group is Mark Kaweesi.

Breakdance Project Uganda was the dream of a brave boy who wanted a better life for Ugandan children. But can dreams heal the wounds of a nation? Abraham Abramz Tekya was orphaned by the HIV / AIDS epidemic, so he knows what it means to live on the margins of society. He founded the BPU, which brings together young people and integrates them through hip-hop and dance. Each child who comes to the free breakdancing lessons realizes that he can teach themselves and others that everyone should serve as a model for his/her peers and to help others. Mark Kaweesi, as an orphan at the age of 17 went to the BPU, in whose ranks he found friends - his new family. He is now one of the leaders with great experience in working with children from different environments: he has run workshops in children’s homes, slums, in remand centres, and prisons. The main idea of ​​BPU is in fact convincing that the work artistic work leads to positive social change.

Fot. Sławek Przerwa