Kids New Circus and  Primary School at DSOSW

Kids New Circus and Primary School at DSOSW


Brave Kids Together was an impulse for the creation of an integrative group from Wroclaw composed of the representatives of the circus group and 5 girls, the fourth grade students in Primary School at DSOSW No. 12 for Children with Hearing Impairment in Wrocław. Amelia, Klara, Natalia, Nora and  Sonia really like active forms of leisure time: movement, dance, acrobatics. They are open to contact with peers, they communicate well in the Polish sign language.

Emilia, Julianka, Oliwia and Fabian are part of the ‘Kids New Circus’ group from Przedmieście Oławskie that was founded in 2017. Young circus adepts, who have been engaged for years at Cyrkus im Laden in Goerlitz, share their passion with other children. They had their monocycles and diabolo. Motivated to develop, they wrote a youth grant and got some finances to buy new circus equipment. The group is supported by volunteers from the Critical Education Association: Zuzanna and Adam. However, the learning program is run solely by the young leaders. Joy and friendship are their tools to change the world.