Georgia is represented by two united groups from Georgia Caritas and Zahessi School. 

We are children from Zahessi school: Gvantsa, Nutsa, Nanuka, Vaxo and Saba. To preserve their precious traditions, the Zahessi children make music on national instruments: the Panduri (a stringed instrument, similar to a guitar), the Kemenche (a stringed instrument, close to a violin) or the Doli and Doira (percussion instruments). Children participating in musical activities try to find the differences between traditional and modern art and, through artistic development, to better understand both themselves and the world around them.

With our national instruments, we like to make music that is something new - the mix of our versions and traditional ones. We like to gather together in nature and sing or dance when we have free time. Georgian nature, songs, traditions and dances are beautiful. 

This year, we are going to collaborate with Caritas group which is really cool for us to mix traditional folk and dance! We love that idea!

Group Leader: Ketevan Kvirkelia