Explosion of joy

Zimbabwe is one of the least stable countries in Africa, both economically and politically. At the same time, it is one of the richest countries in terms of traditional art and culture. Six orphans who came to the Polish project of Brave Kids gave us a sample of their dance and musical talent, and certainly also infected us with their energy and joy.

One of first people to give her heart to these children is Ambuya Msamba, affectionally called by the children, Gogo. This seventy years old woman, moving with a cane, has taken over the situation of orphans and street children, by building two housing barracks on the back of her house - one for girls and one for boys. Two years ago, the administrative authorities decided to demolish the shelter, explaining that Ambuya had no right to put in her garden without permission. The woman was forced to find foster families for the orphans. Although this was possible, in most cases, these families are so poor that they can not afford to feed their children.

Therefore, many of them still come to Gogo for meals. Five of them, for which it was not possible to find new homes for, are still living with Gogo in her tiny home.

Children have long been preparing for comming to Wroclaw - this is the reason we strongly maintain our efforts to bring these children from Zimbabwe to Poland. So far this group was not able to collect funds, passports or even clothes and shoes for their trip. The organizer, in Africa, of this trip - Trish - confirms that the children really worked hard on this goal. This year, their dream finally has the chance to be fulfilled.