Dreams, that came true.

Open, kind and widely talented - so could be described the orphan Nepalese children of Kathmandu - which have twice taken part in Brave Kids.

The Swiss organization ROKPA INTERNATIONAL is the creator of the orphnage and still provides the children warmth. ROKPA, whose name in Tibetan means "help" or "serve", was established in 1980. Its founders were Tibetan meditation master and Doctor, Akong Tulku Rinpoche, Lea Wyler, a Swiss actress and Dr. Veit Wyler, her father.

Nepal is one of the twelveth poorest countries in the world. In this country with a population of 28 million - only 28 % can read and write, more than half the population suffers from tuberculosis, not to mention the tens of thousands of cases of HIV / AIDS and leprosy. Many children have been orphaned as a result of diseases, or by their poor families who have not been able to keep them.

Most often these children end up on the street, begging or jumping from contract to contract of casual and seasonal work.

In 1996 ROKPA opened their own children's home, where 50 orphaned children were taken care of. The home has recently been expanded and is now able to give shelter to 80 children and 10 women. A principal of mutual support is applied, during adolescence - older children act as guardians, caring for younger brothers and sisters, helping them in school and everyday life. In this way ROKPA has so far helped hundreds of destitute poor children and is still helping to give new opportunities to both them and their families.

The institution provides basic education, which increases the children's chances of finding a job, and also leads rich artistic activities, trying to keep the children aware of their own culture.