Mizero Children RWANDA

Mizero Children RWANDA

The songs of reconcilation

Support, reconciliation and kindness are the ideas that guided the foundation of Mizero. It would seem that such universal values are spread ​​across borders and open doors. Despite enormous efforts, visa and logistic problems did not allow this group of Rwandan children to come last year to Poland. This time, we all had more luck.

Mizero organization whose name in Kinyarwanda means 'hope', was founded in 2006 by Jean Paul Samputu, an acclaimed musician and activist for peace. It supports hundreds of children orphaned by the genocide in Rwanda, in 1994. It is estimated that in just one hundred days of this brutal massacre, carried out not only by military forces and the police, but - even more shocking - by civilians, neighbors and community members as well, a million people were killed, between 250,000 and 500,000 women were raped and more than 613 thousands of children were orphaned .

The Mizero organization was created to help these children, support their development and promote the improvement and strengthening of their social position through traditional Rwandan music and dance .

Ultimately, Mizero aims to distribute fundamental values ​​of understanding and forgiveness through art. Samputu says: "My goal is to help these young people grow up without hatred, bitterness and desire for revenge. Maybe the world will listen to us, abandon hatred, and genocides will never happen again."