Awake Youth SWEDEN

Awake Youth SWEDEN

Multicultural Sweden

AWAKE YOUTH was created by The Awake Project, a Swedish theater focused on greatly talented and experienced artists, founded and runned by Christopher Sivertsen.

A renovated play based on "A Midsummer Night's Dream", was created voluntarily by Marie Sendow, the vocational counselor at the theater. Marie and her assistant Sara Mirza began working on "A Midsummer Night's Dream"early this year with the participation of multi-ethnic youth living in Västerås. As a result, the performance is a partial view of the multicultural society of Sweden. Celebration of the summer solstice in Poland, known as the midsummer night, has also, in Sweden, a long and colorful tradition. The show of the performance at Brave Kids was supported by the City of Västerås and the foundation AWAKE YOUTH.
In addition to the activities of the theater, its members create every day their own artistic projects for a diverse audience. The artists of Awake are famous actors and long collaborators of Song of the Goat Theatre (including Christina Gonzales, Ian Morgan and Maria Sendow).

With the help of the team from The Awake Project, Awake Youth has developed into a well-defined, joyful exchange of experiences between professional artists and youth from around the world. The main objective is to create an environment in which talented artists of many disciplines can meet, learn, and enable the contact with younger generations, at both a local and international level.