Red Nose Foundation  INDONESIA

Red Nose Foundation INDONESIA

The laugh against the poverty.

The word “juggling” comes from the French word jongleur and initially it described a medieval conjurer who joked, played music, but first of all was a specialist in the art of illusion and hence often gained reputation of a great magician. This is what the children from the Red Nose Foundation from Indonesia will do, they will joke, play tricks, play with the art and show amazing agility. In the slums of a ten million people Jakarta, where these small artists come from, it is very difficult to simply be a child. Most people there fight for their survival and earn their living by fishing, sea shell peeling and looking for things in landfills. The Red Nose Foundation created a space, where the youngest ones feel secure and may give vent to their energy. This is where they learn circus techniques and all the juggling and even magical tricks. With red noses stuck to their faces, they entertain their peers, bringing them fun and hope. The foundation also cares for intellectual development of its children: it teaches English, maths and other skills, which are helpful in everyday life. At present, the Red Nose supports 30 educational centres in Jakarta and shows a way to the fulfilment of their dreams to 220 children. Six of them will come to Poland to show their skills on the Brave stage – for example, they will create a human pyramid juggling with burning sticks.