Kathputli Colony  INDIA

Kathputli Colony INDIA

Among the many slums in Delhi - one of the most famous in the world is the "Puppet Colony" - where over the generations, magicians, acrobats, healers, jugglers, snake charmers, folk singers and monkey handlers are born and trained.

In Hindi, kath means wood and putli a puppet. Kathputli, is the most widely known “puppet colony” situated in the western slums of Delhi. Various magi, acrobats, fire eaters, conjurers, snake whisperers, folk singers and monkey trainers have come here from different parts of India, mainly from the desert Rajasthan to find a better life, creating this way a specific caste of artists. Since 2009, the city authorities have regularly announced demolition of the slum, which is situated close to the city centre, in an area which is very attractive for developers. This year however they are starting the eviction. Hence, these exceptional artists along with a thousand of their neighbours tremble at the thought of their future – they are afraid that they will not find a new home. Continuing the tradition of nomadic theatre troupes, the children from the puppet colony will come to Poland together with a distinguished puppeteer and master of wooden puppet animation - Jagdish Bhatt. Small artists simply enchant with their talents: traditional Indian singing, harmonium playing and dance, in which they illustrate stories taken from the holy books of Hinduism with gestures.