AMEDAS African Melodies and Dancing Stars,  UGANDA

AMEDAS African Melodies and Dancing Stars, UGANDA

Creating hope for others.

In the 90s, Uganda was hit with AIDS epidemic. If we were to connect this nearly lethal blow with the effects of armed conflicts in the whole country, the fact of such a big number of Ugandan orphans should not surprise anybody – currently, there are over 5 million orphaned children there. The Center for Child Advocacy and Life Planning (CCALP), a charity organisation which has operated since 2001, takes care of over 800 children. The Centre provides health care, food and education and organises various activities, which allow the children to overcome the trauma after the loss of their parents. It also helps in the artistic development of a music and dance group named African Melodies and Dancing Stars.

Uganda surprises with the number of ethnic tribes. In the country’s territory, which is smaller than half of Spain, apart from two official languages – English and Swahili – there are over 20 dialects, including Luganda, Lussesse, Soga and Pokot. Children from African Melodies perform dances of different Ugandan tribes: Larakaraka – a wedding dance of a northern tribe of Acholli, Ding Ding dance, which is usually danced by young girls to draw the boys’ attention and Bwola – usually performed by older people, who move together in circles; such a dance may last a couple of hours and it is an opportunity for discussions and conversations and sometimes replaces a regular meeting.