Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dance as essential part of the life.


Hastor Foundation is the biggest NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina that takes care of more than 1000 kids from different social backgrounds like the ones that were influenced by the war. Despite the fact that war was finished almost 20 years ago it`s still considered to be the most brutal military conflict in Europe after the II World War. Most of the kids are not familiar with it, however, it will remain in the minds of their parents.

The main aim of the Hastor Foundation is to support youth and give them a chance for personal development as well as opportunity to built a better future for the society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Though it`s quite challenging since Bosnia and Herzegovina is multicultural country with Muslims, Orthodox and Catholics living together.

This year the foundation will be presented by the Hastor folk dance group. It`s performance will consist of one of the oldest Slavic folk dance  Kolo and traditional songs sevdalinki.